Don’t Mind The GAP -Beyond Language- 終了しました



at Rittai-Kobo
This project starts with the apparent gap between you and me. For this exhibit thirteen artists attempt to understand the “gap” as a creative space for a new collaborative artwork. What does the gap taste like, how does it feel in the dark, where does it like to stroll? 
The gap we are dealing with primarily is the space between one language and another. If language only lives in conversation as philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer stated then here it is truly alive. By carefully exploring the space between one word and another, it becomes more than just the acquisition of vocabulary but a new relationship to the world. 
Each of the artworks on display show the rich possibilities found in communication between one person to another. That is why we choose NOT to “mind the gap”; instead moving beyond the monolingual to embrace multivalent reality. In so doing we hope to rediscover faint threads that hold us together.

会期:2013年11月11日(月)- 11月14日(木)
会場:東京藝術大学上野校地絵画棟 立体工房